Wednesday, March 20, 2013

31 Weeks

I am 31 weeks pregnant and it didn't hit me how pregnant I was until just now when I looked at the calender and realized today marks 2 months until my due date! This is my first pregnancy and as excited as I am, I am getting quite nervous. My husband and I tried for some time to get pregnant before it actually happened. We figured since we were both so young it would happen immediately, but it ended up being close to a year of trying when it finally happened. We had just gotten to our first base and I started feeling sick. I thought it was because of the change in altitude or the weather but after 3 weeks I went to the doctor and found out I was 3 weeks pregnant! I must have started feeling the symptoms right away. 

23 weeks pregnant my little man was playing with his feet

My last ultrasound was at 23 weeks and it was only done because the tech didn't get all the required measurements at 18 weeks when we found out he was a he! I'm dying to see him! I have my next appointment coming up and I am hoping they give me another ultrasound. If I have to wait til he is here to see him again, I might go crazy! I can't imagine how different life will be once he gets here but I can't imagine life without him anymore. 
Tears of joy and a big grin from my husband after seeing a blue center in our gender reveal cake!

Our first family photo!

First photo of Grandma Stephanie right after cutting the cake!

At Christmas time, we went home to see our families and did a gender reveal dinner. We all found out together that my husband and I would be adding a little boy into the family! It was (so far) one of the most emotional nights of my life! I cut that cake open, saw blue, and just erupted in tears! I cannot wait to see him! 


  1. Hey there! New follower from the hop...we are both 31wks! This is my 2nd baby but I always love when there are other mamas due at the same time as me. :) Come check out my blog.

    1. That is pretty awesome! Its nice to have people to talk to who are in similar situations :)